White Silver Embedded Ceiling Panel 4 Pack

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  • The perfect ceiling panel solution for any bathroom, shower or wet room.
  • Smart looking, easy to install and easy to clean, our ceiling Panels provide a flush waterproof and moisture resistant surface for new or existing ceilings
  • Can be fixed to all sorts of surfaces. Their high gloss, water repellent surfaces offer additional insulation and sound proofing qualities and can be fitted over existing ceilings.
  • Ideal for wet spaces in residential, commercial, school and work premises. 

    Technical Information 

  • Width: 250mm, Height: 2.6m, Thickness: 8mm (4 in a pack)
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Waterproof, rot proof, hygienic
  • Use product between -20˚C and +60˚C
  • Only a low tack masking tape may be used during installation and removed immediately afterwards
  • Simple to cut using a fine toothed saw