Antique Style Hand Held Shower Head

Antique Style Hand Held Shower Head

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Hand shower head in the typical Victorian colonial style

  • This shower head has a standard UK shower male connection
  • Great as a replacement for your old one or for a new shower installation 
  • The antique design is based on the Victorian Period styles of old
  • This shower head is finished in polished chrome and has a white hand grip
  • Made to fit British Standard Pipework (BSP)
  • If you need a flexible stainless steel hose we do sell them seperately, please go to our tap spares page

The tap is shown here as an example. Only the shower head is being sold in this listing. If you want the complete tap with the shower kit please go to our Swan range of bathroom taps

This is the Grand Taps example of the type of tap that this shower head is designed to fit

This picture shows the shower head on the style of tap that it suits best.

It can also be used with exposed shower kits that have the seperate hand shower function.