About us

About Grand Taps UK Ltd

So what is so grand about Grand Taps anyhow?

Unfortunately, we don’t specialize in giant kitchen and bathroom accessories, as our name would suggest (what with it sometimes meaning big and all). Apologies.

We do, however, provide a grand selection of products that are produced and sold by grand people who producing grand products for grand customers. Yes, that’s you. And no, grand is not the only adjective used to describe our products and service. Sometimes we use synonyms of the term too.

Anyhow, the point of Grand Taps is not to provide you with an English lesson. Instead, we intend to provide you with a range of excellent (see, we use synonyms too) quality products. Grand Taps is home to design, aesthetics, quality and affordability. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bathroom, mostly staring at the taps and tiles, but also entertaining guests - guests we like to call “customers.”

Our products are designed for your enjoyment and satisfaction. We pick only the best manufacturers for our brand – a brand made for the European market. Simply put, don’t expect to find cheap, poor quality knock-offs at the home of Grand Taps. We don’t entertain them, not for a minute.

At Grand Taps we provide products that are backed by no less than a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase. Yes, better believe it! You win yourself a 365 day warrantee with every purchase! Top score! And with some products you win more! Take a look-see at the product description on an item to see if the guarantee lasts for more than a year. More! There’s more! Yes, there’s more. We also provide a 14 day money back guarantee if you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase. Take a peek at our returns policy for more on that.


Wait for it...

We’ll dispatch your purchase within ONE business day! That’s a promise. Our online shop is always in stock and we’re always on time! Too good to be true? Check out our postage page for more on deliveries.

And if you were wondering, all of our prices include VAT. Our website is pretty wonderful too, we have plenty of information, about us and our products up there. But, should you have any other wonders about anything, contact us. We’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

So now you know why we’re grand, care to know how our ‘grandness’ came about?

Well, our concept began in 2005.

Et voila! The Grand Taps UK Online business was born.

Why bath, basin and kitchen taps, showers, sinks, mosaic tiles, basins? Well we’re property developers, see. And we figured that this array of items would increase the value of property much more than the initial cost of said items.

It also came to our attention that many outlets overcharged for these items. Naturally, we came up with a cunning plan to import these property-developing items directly from the manufacturers overseas.

Firstly, we hoped to import quality products to sell online and to sell to people seeking quality products. It turned out that we too were people seeking quality products so we began using them too. Who would say "no" to good quality at an affordable price? Certainly not us.

Grand Taps Ltd is constantly expanding and improving. We can proudly say that we’ve gained the respect of DIY-ers and Plumbers throughout the UK and parts of the EU. It’s safe to say that we have developed into an established and reliable brand (insert champagne ‘pop’ here).

We credit our grand success to our enthusiasm for creating beautiful homes, our commitment to quality, attention to service delivery and for doing it all at highly competitive prices! We’re a diligent lot, we are.

And that, folks, is how our ‘grandness’ came about.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Kind regards,

The Grand Taps Team.

VAT no.GB 844467503

Company no, 6251896