Lace Silver Italian White Body Tiles (IT0036)

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Pack contains 5 tiles. Each tile measures 0.1875m2
Pack measures 0.937m2. Price per m is £59.99
  • Lumina is an innovative ceramic creation that combines artisan methods, precious minerals and outstanding raw materials with an idea: to create an accessible three-dimensional surface with bright metallic effects that can be applied all over walls
  • The Lace surface seeks to reproduce a deliberately imperfect, hand-woven effect, offering new meanings for projects and bringing an unexpected visual i mpact to the walls
  • Lumina teams all the splendid features of 100% Italian-crafted ceramics with outstanding materials, exquisite craftsmanship and design and cutting-edge production techniques
  • Silver offers an expression of pure, luminous metals able to reflect the light, for an elegant, progressively dynamic look
    • 250mm x 750mm White body tiles
    • 8.5mm Tile thickness
    • 3D Wall tiles